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I am not going to be able to finish my submission by the due date. Mine is an open submission, viewable here, and I will continue to take comments and make edits after the due date (aiming to get the bulk done by the end of the weekend). If the submissions management system closes tonight, I hope my linkage here will at least ensure some level of consideration by the project team.

Why the contribution is important


In this submission I critique the premises of the Australian Digital Economy consultation paper, evaluate the open data of the public consultation, and make a number of submissions to the project.

In summary, the Consultation Paper has contradicted its byline of “open up the conversation” by narrowing the spectrum and scope of discourse to the perspective of business, industry, jobs and global competition. This could help to explain the low levels of engagement in the public consultation, and mitigations should be put in place to help the project account for the low response and to avoid confirming any bias set down in the premise.

My own proposals are submitted on the premise that humanism and civil liberty need to be emphasised - if only to preserve the freedoms in experimentation, creativity and expression that help to maintain fertile grounds for knowledge, innovation and enterprise. Specifically, we need to make room in the “open conversation” for humanist perspective. We need to acknowledge and convene responses to the urgent issues surrounding the concentrated power and wealth through data, surveillance and autonomous technologies. We need to invert dominant practices in public and part-public education and research institutions relating to the management of intellectual property. We need to consider free and unrestricted information and content as an infrastructure for a “knowledge economy”, and invest accordingly. And we might need to develop an ethical framework for ubiquitous learning that serves to delay the commodification toward ignorance.

These are the specific proposals I make in an open submission to the consultation process. I sincerely hope the public will be able to see a great many more submissions, and that they be as wildly diverse and stimulating as possible. I wish that these could be made in many forms, from the structured form text we've been given, through to art, music and theatre, and any other possible expression that communicates. I hope that the Department has the resources and capacity to study and synthesize such a range into a most wonderfully unique, challenging and impressively relevant statement that can be. And finally I hope that we, the combined Australian society, will be surprised and enlivened by the result.

I guess by that I mean, imagine what could have been.



by LeighBlackall on November 30, 2017 at 05:52PM

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