fraud register, border filter

A register with all known fraudulent emails or web addresses (IP) could be used to search for suspicious identities. It also could be used as base to stop these IP's or identities automatically like SPAM filter.

These known IP's or identities should be prosecuted or blocked on internet provider side or through master DNS filter, or on internet exchange points (IXP). Service provider with fraudulent customers should be blocked or prosecuted as they do business and make money from the behavior of their clients. DDOS sources should be shut down automatically and address blocks blocked till the provider can proof the fix of the problem.

Banks should be fined or transactions delayed or blocked if suspicious to be used by fraud. Every bitcoin payment ends up on someones bank account. This sould be tracked and stopped.

Why the contribution is important

Millions of fraudulent actions and money transfer could be stopped if the authorities block known bad IP/identities. Money of known transactions should be frozen till proven legal. Everyone selling goods or services online should be registered for TAX. If sales portals do not check the identity of their customers, they should be blocked to sell goods. Overseas sales portals should proof their business registration (and ownership) before they can be used to buy things (and pay TAX).

A cool off period would help to stopp the urgent sales/payment fraud.

by FrankTheilen on October 30, 2017 at 11:35AM

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