Unique Identity

As most fraud or SCAM relies on a fake identity, it would be great to have a unique identity for each forum or chat user. A unique ID like a mobile number or IP could identify the real user in case of complains or investigations. It could be connected to tax number, passport, mobile number and internet IP. This unique ID would authorise and show the real user to the community. Everyone without this unique ID would need some other sort of proof (photo ID, address, credit card) to allow entry and access to chat and portal.

The ID is bound to the mobile or internet access point with a unique IP to prevent misuse or stolen accounts. Secondary authorisation like with a mobile is needed to use the ID from a different internet. The chatroom or portal can show that the user is using a unsecured network.

Gender and age group could show the other members the real identity of the user.

Business IDs can be used to show the real business identity and gain trust from users. Like with SSL the identity and loction of a business is certified. Emails could use an identity check to proof it came from a trusted source.


Why the contribution is important

Fake Identities are used to fraud. Portal and chat user are set up with fake profiles to pretend to be someone. With a unic ID we could at least set trust to some people and show that others (without an ID) migth be suspicious.

Services like email or portals migth use this ID to show you can trust them. Business migth get a business ID to show their real address and ownership (tax number).

Emails and websites migth be bound to a location to stop fake phishing sites and SCAM emails. Emails or websites using these IDs from a different location (IP) can be stopped before they reach the target.


by FrankTheilen on October 30, 2017 at 11:18AM

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