The APS engagement network

An APS wide network, where public servants can share information about their engagement work, lessons learned, and collaborate on expanding engagement in the APS. The network would include a citizen engagement representative from every APS agency


Why the contribution is important

The APS and other public services already do a lot of good engagement, but there is very little awareness of it and sharing of good practice. This network helps solve that problem, as well as helping build engagement capability. The network would facilitate peer to peer learning, a space share experience and raise awareness of across the APS.

The establishment of a network would also create an identifiable group of APS members with an interest in better engagement that civil society could engage with. It would also raise awareness of good practice and provide an opportunity to share lessons learnt. This is consistent with APS Insight 1 ‘Awareness and practical experience of how to engage the community beyond traditional information sharing and consultation is patchy.’ It also addresses one of our design questions ‘How can we assist the APS see the benefits from more meaningful engagement with the community?’

by ProjectTeam on April 13, 2018 at 01:24PM

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