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How can we get the public more involved in the public service’s work? In principle, more public participation could make policy, programmes and service delivery far better. But in reality, it’s not easy to pull off. Find out more, including why this is such a priority for the APS and our Department, here.

We’ve got 15 ‘Concepts’ – ideas to get more and better public participation.

The Concepts are the culmination of significant work by public servants and the public. They all have potential. What do you think of them?

We’ve got two weeks to get your feedback, before we start to build a prototype framework. We need your help to ensure they might really work, and to show that people actually think this kind of change is worthwhile.

So get stuck in! Add some comments, give them a star rating, and share them with your friends!

Please give us your comments and ratings by Friday 16 March.

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