Digital Retirement Planning

Around 75% of Australians do not have access to financial advice when planning their retirement. The app enables these people to develop a professional personalized retirement plan to help them achieve their retirement goals based on their unique circumstances, needs and wants for a fraction of the cost of seeing a financial planner. Once they have prepared their plan, we dynamically monitor it to make sure they remain on track to achieving their retirement goals.

We also ensure they know of all Government benefits they are eligible to receive, both whilst working and in retirement, and how much they are entitled to receive.

It is ideally suited to small employers who want to reduce their employees stress around their retirement fears and concerns as well as being a valuable employment benefit.

Why the contribution is important

Too many Australians stress about their retirement: When can afford to retire? How will I be able to afford to retire? When can I stop working? What if I have to retire early because I am unwell? 

There is no personalized resource that tailors answers to these important questions for people that is cost effective and easily accessible. Making informed choices about you superannuation whilst you are working can have important consequences for how you enjoy your retirement.

For many people these choices are not just about money (which the industry thinks it is all about). There are many other factors that 'real' people consider, such as: Will I be healthy enough to do what I want to do in retirement? How will I keep myself busy when I don't have to go to work anymore?

Our app provides personalized answers to the important questions people need answers to reduce the anxiety and uncertainty around retirement from an independent source.

by AndrewC on February 13, 2018 at 12:44PM

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