Digital Security

Digital data contains many different types of information from personal to business to financial and for many purposes. It may contain photos, numbers address , Birthdays, Bankaccounts and many other categories that we use more and more everyday.

Small businesses are dependent on the digital age and need to have the abilitiy to provide the security to save , share and transfer the information in this digital world in a secure manner.

Education about Digital security for small businesses needs to promoted.

A portal for Digital security whether it be government or private should be setup in Australia to assist small businesses.


Why the contribution is important

  • Digital Security for Small Business is becoming more important.
  • Provide a portal that educates small businesses about digital security
  • Provide a portal for digital security
  • Discussion groups about this is also needed to design and implement what is needed
  • Put a think tank together on this topic. 


by seedtechnology on February 13, 2018 at 09:37PM

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