Innovation and Project Management Consultative Teams

To sponsor, subsidise and connection small innovative consultancies that have technical and digital design skills that organisations can engage to review plans and strategies.  The innovation consultants can have their niches such as health, defence, manufacturing, automation etc.  They would be embedded in the organisation for a few days/weeks, to document potentials parts of the business that can be automated, digitised or technology developed.  The consultancy can then assist them to prepare documentation for the organisation to set a strategy, business case, resource, marketing and budget to help the organisation best succeed in delivering the project or outcome.

Project management consultancies should then be subsidised to ensure that the organisation places the right governance around the digitisation/innovation project and that the outcomes are clear and measurable.  As many of the SMEs do not have experience in effective project governance they should maintain a connection on the governance board.



Why the contribution is important


From more than 20 years experience in Project Management, the biggest reason for projects failing is a lack of governance around the project, poor documentation and being under-resourced.  Organisations that follow this path must commit to the governance to ensure that the investment creates positive and innovative outcomes.

There is a significant disconnect in organisations acquiring innovators with the right skills to be able to walk into an organisation, review the processes and outcomes and look at what can be made into a successful, sustainable, innovative, digital product.

Having been an innovator in Healthcare for the past 5 years, providers are very keen to look at innovation but are reluctant to take risk or investment due to the competitive nature of healthcare.  As a worldwide crisis, the lack of resources to maintain health care in its current state, has the ability to utilise/modify or create technology that will create better clinical and personal outcomes.



by sean_odonnell on February 13, 2018 at 03:44PM

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