ROI Identifier/calculator

A mechanism to identify the digital technologies that will provide the greatest ROI for a particular business may assist in strategic decision making and formulating an action plan.

Linking business needs to relevant digital technology options needs to showcase a clear representation of the tangible and intangible benefits.  The results of the calculator would vary depending on the business and could highlight a return on investment such as new customers, revenue increases, reduction of administration costs, minimising errors, improved customer experience, effective maintenance of stock levels, efficient monitoring of accounts, brand awareness, real-time customer feedback to name a few.


Why the contribution is important

Technology trends such as eCommerce websites, hyper-connectivity, smart devices, and cloud computing are becoming mainstream and customer expectations and competitor performance are motivators to take action yet lack of clarity about the pay-off (ROI) may be a hurdle to committing time, money, resources and effort into digital technology.  

by S4RVs on February 13, 2018 at 05:02PM

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