Intellectual Property for Australian research and education

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The result of a 2 year project (2010-2012) engaging in the University of Canberra's review of their Intellectual Property policy.

Key points:

  1. Academics and staff, students and partners retain ownership of their intellectual property
  2. Intellectual property is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution copyright license, with an opt-out process that triggers focused and efficient intellectual property management
  3. Indigenous knowledge and culture is protected, and autonomy promoted


Why the contribution is important

Our objectives with respect to intellectual property are to:

  1. Promote access to, and use of, research and educa-tion materials
  2. Support academics and staff, students and partnersin the development, management and protection oftheir intellectual work
  3. Help to develop the reputation of Australian institu-tions of research and education through the growthandrecognitionofacademicsandstaff,studentsandpartners
  4. Help to ensure that the intellectual work of aca demicsand staff, students and partners is recognised and valued by wider society for the contributions they make to industry, commerce, governance, culture, community and society
  5. Ensure judicious, transparent and openly-governed, value-added use of public funding to education and research
  6. Obtain appropriate return for facilities, resources and services provided by institutions of research and education
  7. Support the autonomy of Indigenous Australiansover their own intellectual work and culture

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