RegTech – the next frontier?

RegTech is a term used to describe the emerging industry of using technology and data to help business better manage their compliance and risk obligations. From easier ways to submit tax and financial reporting to using data to record the origin and history of a product as it travels through the supply chain, “RegTech is revolutionising how we deal with increasing levels of regulation in a changing world[1]”.


[1] Regtech Association of Australia,

Why the contribution is important

RegTech is already changing the way business approaches risk and compliance – however we have a long way to go before more businesses, particularly small business, can use Regtech solutions to ease their compliance and risk obligations.

  • What are some of the barriers to adopting Regtech?
  • What are some ways government can use technology to better solve its regulatory and compliance services?
  • What are your views on Australia’s Regtech industry? How do you think we compare internationally?

by DigitalEconomyTeam on October 31, 2017 at 05:04PM

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