The risks associated with digital disruption?

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Jordan Brown:

We live in a world of screens. More of us would know this, if we look up, and look around. The screens are everywhere, pervasive: Fingers that are glued to the screen which are glued to the eyes which are glued to the screen. We use them for work, play. But it’s much more than that. The screens use us, too. How did we get here? And where’s this journey leading us? What does that even look like? And is it what we want? Is this culture’s technology changing us and our societies for the better? Does it empower all of us—like it claims to—or does it only empower a select few at the expense of the many? What’s the price we pay to live in this pervasive electronic world?

This era is unprecedented, and perhaps never before has technology been so prolific and shaped our lives so intimately. But there’s a dark side we don’t talk about. Why is that? Is it because we’re too busy being glued to the screen? Why do we shy away from questions about our collective addiction? What’s lurking under the surface?

Could it be that with this era, the stakes have also never been so high that we’ve got it all wrong?


This film was made with no budget, not-for-profit, and is released to the world for free for the purposes of critical discourse, education, and cultivating social change.

Content creators and/or participants may or may not agree with the views expressed in this film, and all credit where credit is due is made out to respective creators, some of whom are: Em Styles, Katerina Vittozzi, Eric De Lavarène, Isabelle Delannoy, Brian Frank, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Ivan Cash, Yordan Zhechev, Ron Fricke, Monika Fleishmann, Raymond Delacruz, Rob Featherstone, Michael Mcsweeney, Juan Falgueras, Trevor Hedge, Jean Counet, David Kleijwegt, Godfrey Reggio, Naomi Ture, Chris Zobl, Siddharth Hirwani, Melly Lee, Refik Anadol, Marc Homs, Schnellebuntebilder, Kyle Littlejohn, Tobias Gremmler, Marina Wanderlust, Kristopher Lee, Brandon Johnson, Nicolas Fevrier, Judd Frazier, Ben Stevens, David Fedele, Frank Wiering, Rob Mcbride, Vido Yuandao, Justine Ezarik, David Machado Santos, Vasco Sotomaior, Wolfgang Strauss, Kornhaber Brown, Matthew Epler, James Kwan, China Techy, BigThink, Gigaom, Inc. Magazine, The Guardian, TED, TEDx, BBC, ABC, CNN, Indymedia; and all further credit where credit is due for unknown or unattributed creators whose work appears.

A very heartfelt thank you to Kyle Magee, Stuart Brown, Katina Michael, M.G. Michael, Debra Protaseiwicz, Nathalie Crawford, Aleisha Manion, Claire Hilton, Christopher Brown, Matthew Brown, Rachel Williams, Liz Shield, Oliver Grabinski, Matilda Stevens, Rachel Clutterbuck, Matthew Storen, Steve Fraser, Andrew Protaseiwicz, Antonietta Melideo, Eric Crouch, Deanne Love, Masao Tamaoki, Lelia Green, Aleks Krotoski, Susan Greenfield, Eli Pariser, Sherry Turkle, Andrew Keen, Nicholas Carr, Roger Clarke, Derrick Jensen, Jerry Mander, Bruce Schneier, Lierre Kieth, Clifford Nass, Douglas Rushkoff, Evgeny Morozov, Jon Ronson, Lewis Mumford, Nafeez Ahmed, Angela Daly, Mikko Hypponen and Rebecca MacKinnon.

1. Introduction
2. "Progress"
3. No Accident
4. Mindset (Screen Culture)
5. It's All About Me!
6. The Megamachine
7. Creeping Normalcy (Surveillance Camera Man)
8. Vegged Out
9. It's Full of Sugar and It Tastes So Nice
10. The Real World
11. Credits

Closed captioning no
Color (see credits)
Director Jordan Brown
Identifier Jore_StareIntoTheLightsMyPretties
Rights © Creative Commons 2013/17, BY-NC-SA.
Sound Jordan Brown
Year 2017

by LeighBlackall on November 24, 2017 at 11:59AM

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  • Posted by LeighBlackall November 24, 2017 at 12:14

    I though I would be able to iFrame in the video, and/or edit an idea once posted. I k=now know I can't.

    Here is the video documentary:

    "Stare Into The Lights My Pretties" by Melbourne based director and producer Jordan Brown.

    It is 2 hours well spent, featuring comment from a number of Australian intellectuals who are hopefully making submissions to #ausdigecon
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