Regional industries: an opportunity in Australia’s digital economy

Digital technologies have immense potential to drive innovation and provide opportunities for industries in regional Australia.

Australia’s agricultural industry is taking advantage of these possibilities for improving efficiency with the use of Agtech. From using sensors to measure and track crops and livestock, to apps and e-commerce platforms that connect growers directly to consumers, there are many potential applications of Agetech for our industry.

Tourism is also another area where parts of regional Australia can stand to benefit. For example, Tourism Australia has started using virtual reality technology to advertise internationally, with videos demonstrating “how it feels” to holiday in Australia. This provides a greater opportunity to sell the positives of an Australia holiday to both international and domestic audiences.



Why the contribution is important

Around two thirds of Australia's export earnings come from regional industries such as agriculture, tourism, retail, services and manufacturing.

  • What are the barriers for regional industries preventing them from taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the digital economy?
  • What are some of the key opportunities that the digital economy can provide to regional industries?



by DigitalEconomyTeam on November 24, 2017 at 09:34AM

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