Skills and education are crucial for Australians to succeed in the digital economy.

We know that the types of skills that employers are looking for are changing. Digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills are increasingly in-demand[1].  A mentality of lifelong learning and training will be important to reskill existing workers and ensure we have an adaptable workforce.

We want to hear how you see skills and education in Australia and what opportunities we have to equip Australians with the skills needed for the jobs of today and into the future.

[1] Foundation for Young Australians report, The New Basics, 2016

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • In your experience, are you seeing changes in the way we work as a result of technological change? What kind of skills do you think workers need today and in the future?
  • Do you think your own “digital ability” and skill level could be improved? What kind of skills would you like to learn? Where would you go to access training?
  • In your opinion what is the most effective way to teach people to use digital technologies and acquire new skills? What approaches are working and which aren’t working?

Get involved

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