Digital Literacy - Bridging the Gap

I am a consultant in the Vocational Education Sector, as I work with my clients who are RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) I see a huge gap in the current work forces in areas like Disability Care Workers, Aged Care Workers etc...  These industries need to have gap training to help the current workforce upgrade their digital literacy.  Quite often these workers don’t even understand how to use their mobile phones.

As this workforce is growing so too is the gap between digital literacy.  Most of the training packages today do not cover off digital literacy and this is a huge gap considering the technology is a key component in most sectors and the care worker sector is changing and using tech to monitor and report findings.

I would suggest that we offer some gap training to the existing workforce in the care sectors to enable the current workforce to better understand the use of technology and embrace new ways of working.

Why the contribution is important

It will help the existing workforce in current industry to upskill in digital literacy and create transferable skills. 

The Care workforce predominantly do not use technology and are only embracing this recently. 

If we close the gap with workforces where digital literacy is low this will improve work process and data flow.

by Cire70 on December 11, 2017 at 02:33PM

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