Geospatial Data Awareness & Readiness

Geospatial Satellite Smartdata is changing everything in every possible way of how we live and work, where and when we work. Integrated and Applied with Big Data, Machine Learning & The Internet of Things, Geospatially Aware Businesses will leave all others behind. Firstly, a mobile app to get everyone aware and educated on what will be the 4th Industry Revolution & then moving on to the actual selling of data and Risk Analytics to numerous targeted markets and industry. (Government, Banking, Insurance).

Why the contribution is important

Geospatial Data applied along with Big Data, Machine Learning and The Internet of Things will be the basis of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The massive changes that both businesses and our personal lives will be effected are absolutely not being quite comprehended by many in the world right now.

by dronescout on December 14, 2017 at 01:04PM

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