Invest in marketing classes.

Newly registered abn holders should be offered a small government rebate for partipating in a compulsory digital marketing course as a part of ACN/ABN registration this could simply be a one day course for a partial certification or this could be implicated by providing an online lecture followed by a simple multiple choice test.

I don't advise that a "passing grade" is required to complete business registration but at least make the recieving of the digital marketing information a non option compulsory requirement as apart of registration. This will mean that all business have an equal opportunity to excel in the digital world and also boost accreditation levels of Australian small businesses thus allowing a flowing understanding within the digital world and the local backbones of our great future.  I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback and would love to help this become possible.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important as it for fills requirements that both parties (gov/business) are interested in and will bring our future of small businesses directly into the ever advancing digital economy. It provides much needed education to those who are risking their lives to bring us quality services and trades in local communities. 

As I said before it would not be required to pass the final assessments however the candidates that do successfully complete the "free" or "rebated" course will gain highly sought after and respected qualifications and real knowledge that is applicable to every single small business in the digital economy (Upcoming future economic platform).


If you have an constructive extensions to this idea or any legitimate objections please feel free to open a discussion or message me personally to discuss anything. 

Cheers, Tyler.

by TechWright on November 22, 2017 at 02:58AM

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